Project Closeout

Project certification is an important part of the DSA procedural process.  DSA has sent out thousands of 90 Day Letters to hundreds of School Districts notifying them of projects that are missing forms, inspections, and other criteria required to properly close and certify these outstanding projects.  DSA has drawn a line in the sand and has made it clear that School Districts will need to certify outstanding projects and application numbers in order for DSA to approve future projects.

By ensuring your projects are certified in accordance with California Education Code Sections 17280-17316 and 81130-88147:

  • The safety and well being of your students and staff is guaranteed.
  • Your Board Members personal liability is reduced.
  • Your District can be confident your future DSA projects’ approval is forthcoming.
ICI Project Closeout “ICI” is a full service company offering a wide range of services essential to proper inspection, documentation, and certification of school construction projects.  ICI offers 3 levels of Project Certification.

We're On Your Team

With ICI on your team, you can rest assured that your projects will be closed correctly and in a timely manner. Difficult projects? We don't see problems, only solutions.


ICI Project Closeout is a subsidiary of Independent Construction Inspection, a full service Inspection Company specializing in DSA Project Inspection as well as DSA Certified Special Inspection. ICI Project Closeout will bring the experience of qualified DSA Inspectors, and an extensive knowledge of the DSA documentation and requirements necessary to get your projects certified. Plan review and constructability services are also available.


We look forward to working with you as part of your team.


Level 1: Old Project Certification

Projects with 90 Day Letters on file, stating that the Project has been “closed” without certification. ICI’s experienced staff will:

  •  Locate outstanding documents and forms Perform final inspections required for project closeout
  • Certify grounding rods and systems using calibrated Megger devices
  • Review plans and prepare any necessary correspondence regarding inspections that are not required
  • After resolving all outstanding issues, ICI will meet with DSA to re-open and receive certification from DSA


Level 2: Start-up Certification Services

ICI will provide inspection services and closeout services prior to construction start up.

This service offers the highest guarantee available that your project will be built to all DSA approved plans and specifications. Upon completion, projects will be closed and certified by DSA in a timely manner.


Level 3: Current Document Certification

ICI will provide closeout services only.

This service ensures that alI documentation is continuous from project beginning to end, on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Documentation and proper forms are collected and filed as work progresses. All pertinent documents and forms will be tracked, obtained, and filed at each crucial phase during construction as inspection and contractor obligations are met.